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*Plans, Casting Kits & Finished Engines*

This kit was created after receiving several emails from people interested in plans or pictures of the original engine,(seen from a clip of it running on youtube at "Click Here").

Plans were made but when putting together a material list for quick ordering from MSC & Enco, found that iron for the main pieces of the engine were a little pricey. Patterns were then made for less costly iron castings.

The machining plans can be used to make a scratch-built, "bar stock" engine. They can also be used with the iron castings being offered (casting kit), to build an engine like the original.

**Note: Plans & castings for this engine are not yet available**

Please email if you might be interested in a kit or plans when everything is finished.


Below: Iron casting material for the RMC "Scratch-built"

Below: The original engine